Virtual Records Assignment



Welcome to the world of Virtual Records, where you've just started as a new graduate who has been hired as writer in the Communication Department.

Your job is to assist Angela Whitaker, the Internal Communication Manager. She is interested in an internal newsletter, and she wants you to help her gather information to decide if it's a viable move. You'll be asked to interview Virtual employees and report back to Angela.

You will conduct these interviews over two weeks "virtual" time, which is divided into ten "virtual" days. You must start on the Monday of week one and work through each day in order. On your first day you will go straight to Angela for your briefing. After this briefing, and at the beginning of each subsequent day, you will go to your office where you must consult your task list, and make phone calls and appointments with your potential interviewees. At the end of each "virtual" week you'll be writing your report for Angela.

You'll find there's a lot of detailed information in the interviews, so here's a few hints:

  • Take interview notes as you go so that you're not overwhelmed by the material. At the end of each computer session you will be given transcripts of the relevant interviews. There will be space on each transcript for you to write additional notes.
  • Always keep in mind what your aim is in interviewing people.
  • Remember to report back to Angela. Your report should be SUCCINCT but also COMPLETE. Remember, it's your chance to show your new boss that hiring you was a brilliant idea!
  • Talk to your industry mentor when you've gathered some material and BEFORE you write your final report to Angela.

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