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Information and Communication Technologies and Their Role in Flexible Learning


This web site has been designed for teachers and instructors in higher education to access a rich set of resources that support the development of flexibly delivered high quality learning experiences for students.

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Use the web site resources to develop high quality learning experiences for students by

  • exploring a range of proven learning designs, with exemplar aspects and full instructions on how to implement the designs (exemplars)

  • examining a set of generic learning designs to apply in your knowledge domain (guides)

  • making use of a set of tools for supporting learners (tools)

  • reviewing the principles for design of high quality learning experiences (the project)

Exemplars: A selection of learning designs with exemplary aspects A review and analysis of exemplars was performed to determine suitability for generic use. Guides: A set of generic learning designs based on a selection of exemplars Tools: A set of ICT-based tools with potential for generic use, based on exemplars.




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