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  Online Role-Play



"enRole, Research, React, Resolve, Reflect:
Developing and using online role play learning designs"

  Team: Sandra Wills and Albert Ip

Designer's Summary


This guide covers adopting, moderating and designing online role-play learning experiences. Case studies of several online role plays are underpinned by a number of linked, guides, templates, and checklists plus video clip testimonials from teachers and students:


Using Existing Role Plays

Designing a New Role Play

Short Resource

Checklist for Teachers Selecting an Existing Role Play (PDF)

Characteristics of Role Play Design: Matrix Comparing Exemplars (PDF)


Quick Start Role Plays one and two (PDF)

Video Snippets: Advice from Designers


Email Role Play Templates

Design Decision Points (PDF)


Tips for Moderating Role Play (PDF)

Tips for Designing Role Play (PDF)


Checklist for Moderators of Online Role Play (PDF)

Checklist of Platforms for Online Role Play (PDF)

Long Resource

Guidelines for Moderators of Online Role Play

Designer's Guide


Six Descriptions of Exemplar Role Plays:

Designer's Template (RTF)

Components of this suite draw on three principal sources:

  • research and development by the first author and her associate, independent systems developer Albert Ip;
  • exemplars gathered by the Learning Designs project and the applied expertise of their creators;
  • feedback and additional content generated by participants in the National Summit on Online Role Play held in October 2002 with support from the Learning Designs project.

Many thanks to all involved.

Rationale for Inclusion


A strong set of learning designs clustering around the notion of online role-play were identified among the project's candidate exemplars. The revealed 'type' of learning designs was seen as both coherent and richly varied. It was felt that there was substance enough in common between the designs identified to support the development of a common set of guidelines.

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